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What we stand for

Founded in 2014 in Singapore,K.BLU creates luxury swim, active and resort wear for women. Each collection transcends elegance, style and representing modern women who value superior quality, design and fit.

Our brand DNA revolves around 3 things; Quality fabrics, Unique prints and Great fittings. Durable fabrics made out of ecological materials, stylish multi-cultural prints with colors inspired by the sun,sea & sand with functional fittings so friendly to all shapes & sizes. Embracing the exuberant spirit of the sea, KBLU is represented by the emblem of the turtle - The symbol of tranquility, longevity and also of Venus, the Goddess of the Sea.


Real women are our fitting models; our friends, customers and team. Our company consists of an all women team, who come from different age groups, with different passions and more importantly a variety of body types. We fit our sizes primarily based on UK/AU sizing and for the last 6 months, we have been heavily addressing our size extension out to UK 18.

Extending our size range is something we have been working on. So far we have tested and discussed with over 100 women to make this project come true. The challenges we face are mostly to find the perfect fit for everyone, such as the grading of size specs for the bust, length of the torso and thigh openings. We have improved fabrics, revised prints and colours over the various trial and errors to finalise the Curve collection.


Good fit is our goal. Our QC comes from our team and our customers. Lining, wires, silicon anti-slip, strong sports band and soft fabric are part of the make-up of the perfect swimwear. We work closely with our factory to ensure total quality.

That Personal Touch

Our design process covers functionality and fashion. We stay in tune with trends and also what would work best with our customer base. At our flagship store, we are able to fit our customers and find out what they really like about our swimwear.

Sustainable Fashion

Eco friendly printing - We use a heat transfer sublimation printing process, which reduces wastage as the artwork can be transferred onto the fabric from the ink transfer paper.  This eco friendly method gets no dye into the water system given its process. All that is needed to permanently fix the colour is heat.


Vivid colours remain even after use. To create high-quality sublimation prints, transfer paper that has high ink absorption is needed to quicken the drying process. The paper needs to stay flat and should not wave after printing. It is also important that the paper releases the ink when heated. We only use high quality paper and ink, ensuring colours don’t run after wash.

Ecological and Responsible

Less wastage of fabric - We place desired prints specifically on each product onset before we print, this way we can control any form of mistakes, like misprints which could happen on traditional printing and waste metres of fabric before the fabric is cut.