About K.blu – K.BLU Swim

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K.BLU is a line of fashionable women’s swimwear crafted from high-quality fabrics and governed by an Asian-design philosophy.

Founder and creative director Lyn Rosmarin of K.BLU launched the brand in 2014 after realising a dearth of smaller-sized, fashionable swimwear that better fit petite Asian frames. The brand offers a selection of swimwear that leans towards a more wholesome, Asian-centric aesthetic – fuller coverage and increased support. The fabrics used are also softer and lighter, ensuring a fit and drape that is graceful and flattering.

A big fashion aficionado and inspired by her two-year jaunt in the south of France, Lyn also incorporates her passion for prints and patterns into K.BLU’s collection. The vivid hues and charming prints on the tasteful, elegant designs evoke luxurious, sun-soaked experiences.