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  • K.BLU Swim Sleek Sprinter

    Sleek Sprinter

    Sleek Sprinter as the name details, introduces sportier yet functional swimwear. The K.BLU logo prints adds a playfulness to the capsule and for the first time, is paired with a vibrant shade of pink. Treading on the ideas of the ocean, this capsule unveils designs that display a mix of wave-like shapes in the panelling of mesh inserts — alluding sensuality even in sports.

    Swim over. This capsule extends its repertoire to kids and also something for the men. Simply put, it's indulgence for everyone.
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  • Long Sleeved
    Black and Blue Rash Guard
    with Turtle Prints

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    K.BLU Swim Sleek Sprinter
  • Asymmetrical Blue
    Two-Piece Bikini
    with Sheer Panels

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