K.BLU Swim Sleek Sprinter Capsule Collection


K.BLU Swim Sleek Sprinter & Sleek Sprinter Plus Capsule Collection. from kbluswim on Vimeo.

Going back to K.BLU founder and director Lyn Rosmarin's desire to create practical, fashionable swimwear, the Sleek Sprinter women's collection includes highlights such as one-piece swimsuits, rash guards, and leggings. This collection is ideal for the women who want to be able to wear sporty, yet stylish swimwear, and who desire greater protection from the sun. 

In a bold step forward, the Sleek Sprinter Plus collection offers an entirely new selection of swimwear for children, as well as something for the men. This family-friendly capsule collection is K.BLU's first foray beyond women's swimwear.