Sustainable waters X Hidden Havens

Here in Singapore - Oceans play an important role in our lives – from providing us with sustenance, to serving as a home for fascinating marine wildlife. In our surrounding waters, we have recorded a dazzling 255 species of hard corals, more than 400 species of marine fish, 36 species of true mangrove trees, 6 species of marine mammals including the near-threatened Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, and many more species of marine invertebrates.

As part of Singapore’s Nature Conservation Masterplan, NParks have been implementing the Marine Conservation Action Plan to safeguard our marine life and environment. Their efforts are underscored by the creation of our first turtle hatchery at the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park. Our community’s support is also important to ensure the long-term survival of our marine life. Hence, NParks works closely with the Friends of Marine Park and other volunteers to carry out biodiversity surveys, patrol our beaches to spot nesting turtles, and conduct guided walks.

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