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Donning swimwear that impeccably fits your figure boosts your confidence and allows you to indulge in comfort. Before investing in any piece of perfect swimwear, one should always be aware of the individual’s unique proportions for that completely flawless fit. No matter which body type you belong to, there will always be a beautiful piece for you to feel great in.


For the Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure is defined by shapely, ample bust and hips, punctuated with a narrow waist, thus creating an ‘S’ shape on the sides of the body. A high-cut swimwear bottom will elongate the legs and add greater length to the body - further accentuating the lovely appeal of this figure. Women with the hourglass figure would do even better with firm bust support to accentuate their fuller feminine form.


For the Athletic Figure

Mainly identified by strong, broad shoulders, the athletic figure leans towards a straighter, more slender shape. The racerback style will work wonders in framing wide shoulders by softening hard angles. For the illusion of curves, details such as ruffles and ruching allow for a fuller, more sensual look. Opting for thicker cups add contours to the bust area. The leaner form does well in a two-piece, as the swimwear breaks up straighter lines into sexy, shapelier curves.


For the Full-Figured

The lucky ladies with full curves need more support in the bust area and the banded bikini will does just that. Retro cuts such as the maillot (think Marilyn Monroe) complements full curves beautifully without compromising the natural shape of the woman. Unique detailing such as an asymmetrical neckline serves up an unexpected allure and draws attention to shoulders - perfect for those who prefer to highlight their collarbones.


For the Pear-Shaped

For those who have a fuller bottom, a high-waisted bikini bottom is most flattering. This cut, sits higher along areas of concern and helps to conceal the tummy a little, all the while creating the impression of longer legs. Consider purchasing tops and bottoms separately and in different sizes for the most suitable fit. Frills and side ribbons on the bottom might also add an extra inch to the width of the waist, so always be discerning when it comes to extra detailing. Simple and clean cuts with halter tops are several of the best ways to go.