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Swimwear for your shape

There are lots of swimwear options to suit different body shapes. To help you choose the right shape for you, we have created this list of some of the different styles and sorts of body shapes they suit.


Ideal for: Toned Curves

The cut-out swimsuit shows off a toned body like nothing else. If you have a boyish shape, you need a defined waist to make this look work, so be careful.

Bandeau Tops

Ideal for: A small bust

A wide bandeau emphasises a small chest and is great for balancing out a bigger behind. V-neck shape bandeaus and those with prints will further enhance and shape your small bust.

One Piece Swimsuit

Ideal for: All figures

No longer used only to cover up, the one piece is fashion favourite that has a style to suit every shape. An hourglass figure looks great in retro cuts, while petite figures suit low necklines and halter-neck straps, and ranching covers up those intones tums.


Ideal for: Hiding muffin tops and untoned tummies

Stylish and far from frumpy, tankinis are an easy way to hide the bits you don’t want to be seen. Mix and match tops and bottoms to suit your shape.

String Bikinis

Ideal for: Slim and boyish shapes

String style bikinis are usually quite skimpy which are perfect for showing off a slender body. The thin tie sides are great for making your legs look longer but make sure that you don’t pull the ties too tight to avoid making them look bigger than they actually are.

Boyleg Shorts

Ideal for: Toned, curvy behinds and sporty types

Cheeky boyleg shorts flatter and flaunt your best asset without being skimpy. Avoid boy leg shorts unless you are really toned. If you are not, try a cut that rises as it reaches your hip for a more flattering look.

Underwire Bikinis

Ideal for: A bigger bust

They give great support and with new fashionable styles, they are not as frumpy as they once were. You can’t go wrong with retro styles, polka dots and floral prints, or simply keep it timeless in black.

Halter Necks

Ideal for: All figures

They enhance a smaller bust yet hold in a bigger chest, balance out bigger bottoms and show off shoulders. Petite figures can wear skimpier styles to enhance their chest but to-heavy women should go for halter necks with fuller coverage.

Skirts and Frills

Ideal for: Boyish shapes looking to add curves to their figure

Skirts and frills add curves because they make your waist look smaller than your bottom and hips. Bigger skirts and more frills create more curves so be careful not to over do it.