Kellie, works in Finance

Kellie is the perfect balance of bubby charm and groundedness. Although she counts sun tanning and chilling at a café with a good book as some of her favourite pursuits, she is also incredibly organized, and says that she plans her holidays months in advance. Kellie counts loyalty and honesty as some of the values that are most important to her, and we speak with her to find out what else makes her tick.

Kellie wears Gems Ashore Shell Print Cut-Out Swimsuit.

1. What is your own definition of success?

Being able to do what you love and getting paid for it!

2. What are your sources of strength towards achieving that success?

Family support is pretty important.  For me personally, the people I meet are important too!  Sometimes it takes just one person to give you the opportunity to make a switch in your career.  I met my previous boss from a different environment, who offered me the chance to be in the industry that I am in now and I am happy to retire in this job!

Kellie wears Gems Ashore Shell Print Cut-Out Swimsuit.

3. If you weren’t working in the job you’re in now, what would you be doing instead?

Probably dancing.  I admire dancers—their movements are so athletic and graceful at the same time.  It’s a really demanding sport.

4. What do you look forward to as you wake up each day?


5. Living in a sunny climate, what are some of your must-haves when it comes to your skin? 

Sun block.  That’s very important and most people underestimate it.  I put sun block on everyday.



6. What or who are your style influences?

Italian designers for their cuts and structure. Their clothes fit the best. London designers for their style. They have the cutest designs, and they know how to have fun. 

7. Which holiday destination is the most memorable one for you? Why?

The Greek Islands.  The architecture is so distinct and memorable.  It has a good mix of restaurants and shops, and nature if you wish to do something adventurous. The Aegean Sea is so beautiful I can stare at it forever!

Kellie wears Gems Ashore Shell Print Cut-Out Swimsuit.

8. What is the one thing you personally have to do before you die?

Go on a safari.

9. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully in the same job and having a family!

10. Is there a song or song lyric that sums your life up nicely?

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  I love the song too!

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