K.BLU gives back this Pink October

For every woman, by women. K.BLU has come a long way since the start of our brand journey and have since been designing with women in mind. This Pink October, we want to give back to the community by bringing an increased awareness to Breast Cancer. We hope that in light of this campaign, more women can be more aware of their personal health even with their day to day routine.

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We have created a non-profit campaign  with Giving.sg. Please join us in spreading Breast Cancer Awareness among our community and kindly donate to our appointed charity, Breast Cancer Foundation.

BCF is a non-profit organisation set up in 1997 with the mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.

To achieve this, we propagate awareness about breast cancer through talks, events and publications that advocate early detection through regular screening, as well as supporting survivors and their families through various befriending and training activities.

BCF is a self-funded charity and all fundraising proceeds would go towards:
1. Supporting breast cancer survivors and caregivers in their times of need.
2. Enabling free mammogram screenings for eligible women.
3. Empowering the community with the life-saving message that Early Detection Saves Lives, Saves Breasts.


 About 1 in 14 women will develop breast cancer by 75 years old and is  most common cancer amongst women and may strike at anytime, yet only 2 in 5 women are up to date with their mammogram screening.

As important as it is to be aware for ourselves, it is also so for the women in our lives. There are a few ways one can get screened in Singapore, the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) provides detailed information on how one can be eligible for screening. Through island- wide available screening centres, one can get a test through various centres listed on their site.

1) For “Screen for Life” screening centres, after prevailing subsidies and SCS funding assistance:

  • Singaporeans will pay $25

  • Permanent Residents will pay $50

2) For participating private breast screening centres, cost will vary. SCS will offset the bill by $25 

Find out more HERE  

 Besides getting screened, a breast self-examination should be done once each month by women 20 years old and above. A detailed guideline from the Breast Cancer Foundation teaches one to do a regular check-up. Click the LINK to learn more.



For every minimum donation of $5 through the Campaign, donors will be able to collect a Pink Swimwear from our store. Donate Here. 

*Only while stocks are available.

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