Women We Know #49 - Caroline – K.BLU Swim

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Women We Know #49 - Caroline

Caroline is wearing Bunga Multi String Bikini Top and Bunga Leggings

Long Timer Fitness Trainer Speaks Out Of Her Starting Journey

Discrete about her politicians client base, we finally get to speak to Caroline, from Physique360, a local boutique fitness studio. Unknown to many, we found out through her recent zoom classes,  her clients include Ex Senior Minister, Mrs Lim Hwee Hwa, Current Senior Minister and Singapore upcoming female young politicians. Ms Crystal Wagar, current Mayor for Miami Shores (ex US ambassador's wife to Singapore) and ex Russian ambassador’s wife used to both train during their stay here in Singapore.

Caroline had kids at a young age, when her peers were just starting their careers and enjoying their time. With financial instability, she had to work long hours as a trainer whilst taking care of her 2 boys. Her husband and herself started their own gym more than a decade ago, and at many times almost faced closure due to stiff competitions. Thankfully, with their constant skills upgrading on food nutrition and wellness, their customers base grew gradually with word of mouth.

Today a young grandmother to 3 granddaughters, both Caroline and her husband enjoy the simpler life of family harmony. She gives back to community by giving free fitness lessons to the elderly in community centres when she can. 

1/ Hi Caroline! Please share with us on how you started your own gym.

Alike all other businesses, the start of it was never easy.  In 2007, after a painful accident caused by exhaustion, that when I took a leap of faith to open my own gym. At that time, I chanced upon an empty space up for rental while I took my son to a piano class. 

I was just married at that time with little savings, I refrained from taking a loan as both my kids were still very young. I couldn’t bear the mind that I have to let my children go through us as bankrupts. So, with my husband as a partner in business, we held out till as long as we can without loan and diluting our business. We have so far been prudent and spent nothing on advertising. 


2/ When was the most difficult period you had?