Women We Know #48 - Shronn Tay

Valerie (left) is wearing Nonya criss cross set and Shronn (right) is wearing Nonya halter top and Nonya leggings.


Shronn, a cheery girl with the brightest smile and former Miss Earth Singapore - found her bestfriend Valerie through her favourite sport, Dragonboating. This water girl started at a young age and never seem to leave her passion for water activities, she values her body and encourage others to do the same. 

How did you get into dragon boat? What attracts you to it? 

Dragon Boat has been a part of my life since the age of 13. I joined DB because there was only 3 competitive sports in my school - Netball, Basketball (for boys only), and dragon boat. This team sport is magical because once you start, you don’t really end. The team needs every individuals’ commitment to improve, our bond is strong because we train together, bite thru the hardships, get tired and recover with good food together. Even after graduating from this sport, the relationship with it never ends. Friendships forged even after a decade or two. I still miss the adrenaline of dipping paddles into the water, pulling and recovering as a boat. It can’t be described, only felt.

With dragon boat as part of your profession, what are the interesting perks of the job? 

It’s satisfying to see participants use dragon boating as a tool for team-building, enjoying themselves during the whole process - from feeling unsure getting seated in the boats, paddling out to Singapore Flyer and learning international race commands to ending their day with a 200m race. It’s a bonus when they win the race, but even if they don't come in first, the ability to be able to paddle as a boat within 1.5hr is an achievement itself. The smile on their face is all that I need.

 Besides dragon boating, what are other sports activities that you enjoy?

 I love all kinds of water sports - Swimming, surfing, scuba diving, stand up paddling, kayaking, and more! On regular days, I do strength & cardio home workouts such as Tabata, jogging, and resistant band training to keep in shape.

Last winter, I picked up Snowboarding and fell in love with it. As dragon boaters, your lifestyle revolves being active a lot!

What are some tips you can give in managing a work life balance? 

Rest a lot. Be truthful to your body. 

Valerie (right) is wearing Bunga rashguard and Nairobi one piece

Tell us about how your friendship started out!

We start with planing weekly workout sessions after work and then having late dinner together.

 Tell us the best experience you’ve shared with each other

 I still remember receiving texts from Valerie late at night to go to the beach the next day! I’m really blessed because she prepared all the delicious food and I just needed to bring picnic mat. 

What is one life lesson you’ve learnt that can’t be taught in school?

Be happy. My favourite quote by John Lennon, “When I went to school they ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life”.

 Tell us Top 3 qualities you admire the most in Valerie? 

Her creativity skills in designing (its the best), communication skills with strangers, determination to complete tasks with perfection (even if it means to skip bedtime. Definitely a no no for me).

 Tell us where and what you do you think your BFF will be doing 5 years from now?

Someone who will speak with fluent law-guage. She’s a legal studies student currently, and it’s really cool. Gets me excited to just think about her in a law firm. Hope she won’t be too busy.    

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