Melody, fresh graduate

When she isn’t busy cooking up a storm, or travelling around the world, or knee-deep in vintage stores hunting for delicate dinner plates, Melody finds herself in the craziest of situations and places, taking photos and getting inspiration for her blog, missingavenue.com. Her enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious, and it seems that this girl can—and just might—do it all.

Melody wears Precious Porcelain Print Halter Bikini Top & Bottom

You’ve just graduated from school, so what are your plans and dreams for the future, both realistically and not-so-realistically?

I am currently in the midst of planning to relocate to London and work on personal projects while at the same time, get some work experience in fashion or the F&B industry. I love fashion but it gets tiring sometimes, and food is something I’ll never get tired of, and it’s something I am passionate about. Not so realistically, I hope to be able to just travel around Europe and eventually work on starting my own business. 

Success to you is…

Happiness. I believe that when you find yourself in a place you’re genuinely happy in, you have achieved success, wherever in the world you may be!

You travel quite a bit. Are there any places on your bucket list that you haven’t conquered? What would your dream holiday be like?

Yes, plenty! My dream locations are endless but Turkey, Morocco and India are at the top of the list. My dream holiday would be for me to comfortably be able to enjoy myself to the fullest without having to worry about a budget…and then just go on a shopping spree! And do a massive Californian road trip. 

What are your must-haves for a great beach vacation?

Sun-block, moisturizer, coconut water, a big bag to fit everything in, a kimono or kaftan, and of course, the perfect bikini.

Would you say that your style has evolved and changed over the years? How so, and how would you describe your style at the moment?

Definitely. I think I just go through phases and right now, my style is very bohemian and casual but with a twist. 


Melody wears Precious Porcelain Print Halter Bikini Top & Bottom

Do you have any female role models that you admire or are influenced by?

Miroslava Duma, she can do anything! So many other big names as well, but I think my friends and family continually inspire me each day in many ways. I am blessed to be surrounded by pretty amazing people in my life who are extremely talented and hardworking, and that I have a very strong admiration for.

If you could eat one kind of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Oh this is such a tough question! Maybe Chinese? No, Mexican! I love love love my guacamole.

Photos via Missingavenue. 

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