Water sports doesn't mean you have to bring out your mono tonal one piece out to play. When it comes to getting active while in the water, we often prioritize function and comfort over style. That said, we definitely don't want any embarrassing slip ups while cruising in the water! KBLU’s got you covered with these tips & top picks for the active soul in you.


More movement in the water requires a fit that balances support and comfort. We don't want a gear that makes even breathing difficult. Pick out a set where it fits snug & holds your body in shape.


Athleisure series


Who said you can’t wear your gym tights to the pool? Our swim & sweat tights are made from Italian Lycra, the same fabric we use for our swimwear taking the shape of leggings. Infused UV protection also protects your skin from harmful sunrays.

Style Tip: Pair with a bikini top or a swim bra, balance out with either printed tights & a solid upper or vice versa

Level : Moderate Performance

For : Yoga, Kayaking, Running, Pilates.


Rash guard


Whether you’re cool or girly, we’ve got the piece for you. All over in our signature turtle print, our rash guards comes in adult & kids sizes, perfect for a match day out with the family. Rashguards can be layered over your usual bikini top and adds on as a protective outer layer from the sun while you do your water sport activities. Our rashguards are also light and soft to the touch, making it easy for agile movements while keeping you bouyant in the water.

Style Tip: Pair it with swim shorts or tights to get you all geared up for swim sports .

Level : Low- High Performance

For : Water rafting, surfing, kayaking & all water sports.


Azure sky one piece 


It’s either traditional one pieces or one pieces that aren’t quite right for water sport activities. This one piece cut makes for a enhanced streamlined figure while staying active. Fits like second skin, this azure sky mesh cut out one piece supports and keeps you in shape with stylish details and double lining.

Style Tip: Pair it with swim tights, boxy shorts or a cover up.

Level : Low- High Performance

For : All water sports, swim laps, beach volleyball.


Lagoon Swim bra


A little more coverage than your usual tanning set. Staying active doesn’t mean your style is compromised. With our swim crop tops, not only it gives you bust support but also your swim outfit options will be endless. Pair it with a casual hip hugger or throw over a pair of tights to make a swim statement.

 Style Tip: Pair it with a swim shorts or tights to get you all geared up for swim sports .

Level : Low- Moderate Performance

For : All water sport activites, Yoga, Running, Dance, Barre.




Comfort is the way to go with our blouses, made from airy and breathable fabric, they are a great cover up from sea to shore. Throw them on before you head for activities and are a definite must have swim essential for the conservatives!

Style Tip: Pair it with a bikini bottom or tights for a quick cover up!

Level : Low – Moderate Perfomance

For : All beach-side & land sport activities 




For active water sports athletes, this suit allows you to keep a constant body temperature in chilly climate and provide warmth equivalent to neoprene 0.5mm.   This suit comes with the long sleeves to oer additional protection from the cold and the sun. With bright color blocking details and front zip grip, you are able to control the amount of heat you keep in by adjusting the zipper. Designed with stand up collar to keep your neck warm, this fashionable yet functional suit will make you perform better and help you stay longer in waters comfortably.

Level :High Performance

For : Sea sports.