Uncover us - The Making of Resortwear 2019

Resortwear 2019 presented in Paris Fashion Week 2018

Uncover what really goes on behind our one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces that were sent down the runway October 2018 for Paris Fashion Week.


Bead Embroidery

Behind all the glitz & glamour, we sourced the best craftsmen in India to work on their skilled traditional techniques on our first Resortwear Collection. A process where beads are individually sewn onto a fabric backing to create a meticulous embroidery artwork, the process is tedious and requires the skills of an artisan.

We highly value the artisans that work with us and have kept constant communication & relationships with the craftsmen in India; daily visits to their production room and liaising with them on-site.

The work that goes into creating each individual piece requires significant effort and time, which are unique because they are crafted with care and dedication.

Work in Progress

At K.BLU we value ethically made products and we are big  supporters of the community that creates sustainable fashion. The importance of supporting the cause means as much to us as the quality of the pieces.

By supporting the community, we also support the culturally rich techniques passed down from generations to the market and keep those in small businesses at work. 


Timeless colours of gold and white to represent purity and elegance, inspired by beachside festivities & wedding parties. A classic ensemble with hand-stitched beads & embroideries fit to make women feels effortlessly enchanting. 

- January 2019