Founder's Resolution 2018

As everyone says New Year New You, I tend to reflect more on the past. I am not built to live the moment, and this is something I would really like to do more as I slowly count down to my 40th birthday next year.

So this is what I have learnt, what I wish to do more and what I plan for the future.

#1 Always on beta.

To always improve myself and progress. I want to spend more time on product design and continue our business model transformation. In the first 6 months of 2018, we will be rolling out more behind the scene stories on how we design and manufacture our line, to re-engage our customers and strengthening our brand identity.

#2 Keeping my passion alive and keep mentoring the juniors

People always say I get excited when it comes to creating and designing,putting the styles together to build a collection. I'd love to support young artists and want to encourage them further. Like hosting a competition for artists to come forward and put their artwork on my swimwear. Mentoring my younger colleagues has always been fulfilling because I always want them to reach their full potential, this is something I like to keep doing with all the new interns and current team mates.

#3 Keep it real

I'd like to continue my “KBLU women” series. This is a conscious effort to keep getting real women to wear my swimwear and share this with our women. We support women in body positivity and hope to encourage more women to be proactive in sports.


#4 Extending our size range

We are working on different body shapes at all times, we have recently extended our size to UK 18 for our curve collection, slowly we will extend our sizes to most of our styles. Eventually, we want to make swimwear that fits everyone in all shapes and sizes.

#5 Appreciate my family, colleagues and friends

With so much support from my close ones, I am able to achieve my goals. I want to spend more time with them and cherish these relationships.