K.BLU supports Fashion Revolution Week

How K.BLU is supporting Fashion Revolution Week and why you should too!

Fashion Revolution Week is Fashion Revolution's annual #whomademyclothes campaign in April, which happens around the date of 24th April, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, where 1,138 people were killed and many more injured.

"We use this week to encourage millions of people to ask brands ‘Who made my clothes’ and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. This year marks the 6th year anniversary of the collapse. We will be looking back at what’s changed over the years and how our campaign has made a positive impact, whilst setting out what still needs to change in the fashion industry"- Fashion Revolution.

K.BLU at Paris Fashion Week

This might be the first year that K.BLU as a brand has started campaigning with Fashion Revolution to revolutionise the way we see fashion, but it is definitely not the last. Over the past years since we started, we have always been in support of ethical businesses and that is heavily reflected in our conscious responsibilities to create a healthy cycle, from production to our partners and for our consumers.

 Le Grande Bleu Collection

Since our very first swimwear collection, we have partnered with an ethical manufacturing company to do our production and have built strong bonds with them ever since. The fabrics that we use are of sustainable grade material, namely Italian based- Carvico and Vita fabrics which comprises of recycled yarn to create long lasting pieces that feel like second skin. The launch of our eco collection also known to many of you as Le Grande Blu collection opened a gateway to a fully eco conscious line where we understand the importance of quality fabric that not only feels comfortable on the skin but keeps our mother earth comfortable as well.

 “We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.” – The Fashion Revolution 

Printing Process

All our swimwear fabric uses sublimation print transfer, which also means that we cut down on fabric wastage by printing our designs only on the patterns we need. Using this technique also ensures that no harmful dyes are drained which would contaminate our oceans, as our prints are printed directly onto our fabrics instead of dyed.

Sustainable actions are two-fold, with the lack of both environmental & social responsibilities; one cannot say they are truly in support of ethical industry. We believe strongly in that and also work with talented artisans from villages as well as factories that provide welfare for their workers.

Embroidery Beading

 Since the launch of our Resort wear line, we have taken to support artisanal workshop in India who practice their embroidery beading work on our pieces. These artisans carefully handcraft our pieces to support families & communities. Their livelihood and crafts mean as much to us as we hope our customers would too.

K.BLU partners in their workshops.

Our actions may be a small start, but with every small take that we work towards, we aim to campaign a change for a better future. With this, we are hoping to build a more transparent production process and allow our customers to understand #whomadetheirclothes. At K.BLU it starts with us and we want you to take part! It’s not too late, start by taking new changes to understand who made the pieces you wear and call for a greater change for our environment & welfare. It all starts somewhere, we invite you to do the same. Be the change #Kblucares.