Miss Universe Singapore 2017 finalists in K.BLU

Manuela Bruntraeger
She the Winner of the Miss Universe Singapore was born in Singapore and graduated in  Bachelor of Fine Arts from Lasalle College Of Arts. Bruntraeger is of German and Singaporean-Portuguese descent. She is wearing Favola Nautica Halter Top and High waist bottom (available in different colours) .

Debra Loi (Singapore)
She has a done Bachelors Degree in nursing from Curtin University in Perth, Australia and will join a local government hospital next month as a full-time registered nurse. She is wearing Precious Porcelain Print Racer Top and Azure Sky Frilly Bottom. 










Nadiah Sapuan
She is a flight attendant who is a tomboy at heart has won modelling contests like the ITE-Carrie Next Top Model and Cleo Runway Search in 2012, and was also one of the top 20 finalist in The New Paper New Face that year. She is wearing Henna Mehndi Criss Cross Bikini Set.


Rudhira Ramathas

She is a pricing analyst but is passionate about more than just numbers, despite having a bachelor's degree in business administration from Australian National University in Canberra and a master's degree in accounting from RMIT University in Melbourne.has a fervent desire to end violence against women, a cause close to her heart. She is wearing Azure Sky Three stripe suit. 


Cara Nicole Neo


The National Junior College alumna has always been into mermaids, but discovered mermaiding - wearing and swimming in a costume mermaid tail - only at the age of 21, while she was studying English literature at the National University of Singapore. She is wearing Le Grande Bleu Eco Twist Bikini set.


Dalvin Kaur 


She is 28 years old and controls associate at a bank. She is the oldest of all the finalists of 2017. She is so passionate about her cause - to provide equal opportunities for. underprivileged children, such as those from financially disadvantaged families or those with learning disabilities, and ensure their educational needs are met. She is wearing Azure Sky Blue Bra and Indian summer Brazilian Bikini Bottom. 



 Mandi Cheung

 She is 22 years old and started working when she was 14 and stopped taking pocket money then.The flight attendant said, "In secondary school, I used to be upset about my family background but I soon overcame that and learnt how to be stronger, independent and mature at a younger age." She is wearing Mu.lan V Neck One Piece Set.


Ashley Rita Wong

She is a private tutor who loves gaming in her free time, especially Defense Of The Ancients, after getting into it four years ago. Her other favourites include Heroes Of The Storm and Diablo, and she hopes to become an eSports commentator in future. She is wearing Mu.lan Ruffled Two Piece With Basic Bottom.


Trinisha Kaur 

She is 22 years old and is a pharmacy technician in a hospital which allows her to be the last line of defence. That is what she loves most about her job.Through Miss Universe Singapore (MUS), she hopes to be a role model for girls. As her mother died when she was 10, she "did not really have a female figure to look up to". She is wearing Indian summer Boat Neck One Piece.


Suffianah Baharin 

She is a talent acquisition manage The 26-year-old heads internal recruitment in Asia for an international management consulting firm and enjoys "meeting different people" on the job and helping others "nurture and develop their strengths, so they can reach their fullest potential in their careers". She is wearing Indian Summer Halter Cut Out One-Piece.


Amanda Tan

Marketing manager Amanda Tan roots for female empowerment and gender equality in society.Through Miss Universe Singapore, the 28-year-old Amanda hopes she can "make a difference for her cause" and volunteer at HCSA Dayspring "to help battered women and abused teenagers". She is wearing Henna Mehndi Chic Crop Top and Print Bottom.


Tanooja Rai

When she was pursuing a degree in electrical engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS), she was one of just six womentaking the course.Tanooja Rai, 27, has always had a thing for mathematics and science, and remains passionate about them as a cyber defence accounts manager. She is wearing Indian Summer Halter Front Twist One-Piece.


Tessa Hogan

Growing up, Tessa Hogan, 25, did not have role models to look up to as her divorced parents were working most of the time, leaving her grandparents as her primary caregivers. But the values taught to her in school helped her become who she is today. She is wearing Coral Porcelain Halter Bikini Set.


Setia Vegawati

She is 26 years old and fell in love with dancing when she was seven.From hip-hop to jazz, jazz funk and even ethnic-fusion dances, she has done them all.The dance specialist said: "Whenever I am on stage, I feel like I belong there and it gives me confidence. She is wearing Print Brazilian Bikini Set


Shonalie Raha 

Like any beauty pageant contestant worth her salt, Shonalie Raha, 24, is passionate about saving the environment. Working at a strategic communication company, she helps businesses tell their story through digital content and workshops. She is wearing Gems Ashore Shell Laced Back Swim Suit - (Available upon request at info@kblu.com)


Emilbiany Nenggal Intong

She is 19 years old and loves indulging in her creative side.Besides being passionate about theatre, she also dedicates her time to educating children, paving the way for her to achieve her goal in life - working with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef), while owning a theatre company that performs and raises funds for those in poverty. She is wearing Indian Summer Halter Bikini Top and Azure Sky Frilly Bottom.


Shahira Jan

Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2017 is Shahira Jan's first foray into the world of beauty pageants, and she is not about to let herself down, even though she has "always feared public speaking". She is wearing Indian Summer Vivid Kaftan and Favola Nautica Criss Cross One-Piece.


Sharmen Diana Frugtniet

Once a victim of bullying, Sharmen who is 19 years old, took things in her stride and managed to change her life for the better.In primary and secondary school, she faced racist taunts from her schoolmates, which discouraged her.But Sharmen, whose father is Eurasian and mother Malay, overcame those problems with her fighting spirit and the support from her friends and family. She is wearing Gems Ashore Shell Cut Out Swimsuit (available upon request at info@kblu.com)  


Estelle Heng

Despite having no experience when it comes to modelling or beauty pageants, Estelle Heng, 19, joined Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2017 for a purpose bigger than herself.The gerontological management studies student from Temasek Polytechnic feels strongly about supporting the ageing population here and realised she "couldn't make as huge an impact as a student" for her cause. She is wearing Favola Nautica Criss Cross Bikini Top and Indian Summer Brazilian Bikini Bottom.


Camira Asrori

Fashion stylist Camira Asrori made a bold move after her A levels when she chose to pursue fashion at Lasalle College of the Arts instead of pursuing a degree after being accepted at universities here.The 22-year-old told said "I got into fashion when I was young. Even now, I see it as a passion and a lifestyle, and not a job. She is wearing Le Grande Bleu Criss Cross One Piece . 

Image credits to The New Paper