UV Awareness Month

 It may be UV Safety Awareness month, but UV safety is important all year round!  UV (Ultra violet) rays are invisible radiation rays that comes from the Sun and artificial lights. UV rays can penetrate the skin and cause a change in skin cells. Overexposure to UV rays can harm the skin, leading to skin aging, skin cancer and even cataracts. 

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Comparatively, Singapore as a country is exposed to higher levels of UV each year due to it's situational spot on the equator and thus it is even more important to get protected while staying aware of the ways in which these rays can harm our bodies. Taking extreme of our skin is highly essential as they say - our skin is the largest organ in our body!

 Here’s 3 ways we can all stay protected daily

Bunga solid rashguard and Bunga highwaist bottom

Physical shade!
Grab a UV umbrella or a pair of UV sunshades to filter out and block UV rays from reaching our eyes and face!

Sun screen- up.
Don’t skip out on the sunscreen! Daily sunscreen is important as long as the Sun’s UV rays can damage the skin in as little as 15 mins and it is important to protect the most exposed part of our skin first! Sunscreens contain chemicals that counters the UV rays.

Nonya kaftan and Bunga halter bikini

UV protectant clothing
Cover-up ! Beat the heat by wearing a lightweight throw-over or a kaftan to protect yourself from the UV rays while staying cool.  At K.BLU, our fabrics are highly advanced with UV protectant with quality assured to keep you safe while you’re out having fun.


Let's pass it over to our K.BLU team to share some holy grail tips to combat the UV rays in sunny Singapore!

   Hervie; COO, Company Manager.

"My holy grail product is the CLINIQUE Pep-Start Hydrorush Moisturizer SPF 20 for face and Clarins Sun Care Body Lotion SPF50+ spray for body! A daily essential! "

 Jane; Design and Marketing.

" I bring around a mini carry-on umbrella that has UV protectant properties. It keeps me from getting tan and helps keep the rays at bay!"

 Sanya; Resortwear Designer and Productions

" I recommend throwing over a lightweight shawl to keep my skin protected from the heat and UV rays!