Women We Know #44- Carmen Butt

Carmen is wearing Lagoon army bikini top and Turquoise porcelain tights.

Carmen Butt is a young entrepreneur, she have lived in multiple countries over the years and now started her own company representing and distributing brands she believes in. Having to come from a pharmaceutical & biochemical background, she tells us how she gets to where she is right now, doing what she is most passionate for.

Hi Carmen, 

You are so lively and you seemed to have lived many places in the world. Where have you lived and which is your favourite?

New Zealand, Hong Kong and a bit of France

We had so much fun shooting you, you are so spontaneous, fun and easy-going. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Positive, flexible and Spontaneous

What do you do as your passion project?

I love working with products that I personally love. That’s keeps me alive and motivated. I am running a distribution company that carries Ashley & Co - a modern day scent company from New Zealand, Comptoir Francais du Thè - a boutique tea brand from France and ro bag from New York

What sports do you currently do now? Any great sports hangout place to share?

I do a variety of exercise and depending on the mood. Reformer, yoga and indoor cycling are my top favourite activities.

Carmen is wearing Thermal spring suit.

Which Australian Fashion Designer do you like?

I like Alice Mccall quite a lot

What is your ideal holiday?

A complete nature with sound of the ocean, smell of forest, sound of wild animals and birds, natural food and great company

What or who are your style influences?

I am not bound by any styles but more outfit with cuttings that fit my body shape would be more of my style

What is the hardest life hurdle you’ve gone through and what did you take away from it?

I spent 4 years working towards a business projects in the pharmaceutical/ bio chemical field, however at the end it didn’t work out. During these times, I worked nonstop, did lots of research and studies, very little sleep. Although it didn’t work out, during the process, I had learnt how to write business plans, business strategies planning and a bit of finance which I can apply for my current project, so after all this hurdle had become a great learning experience to get me ready for my next move. Which is now.

Carmen is wearing Orchid bikini set. 

What is the one life lesson you learned that can’t be taught in school?

Besides to be good at what you do, people and work ethic are equally important. Which is a skill by itself

What is your definition of success?

I would say it’s when you can enjoy what you do, . Be able to find ways to live a life which you find your life is fulfilled.


Special Thanks to Ximula Sail for the yacht experience