Women We Know #45- Jennifer Gregory

Jennifer is wearing Nonya halter one piece. 

One of our BFF Women We Know winner, Jennifer Gregory - nominated her bestfriend Joyce & herself as K.BLU Women as they support & have each other's back. Moving to Singapore from Australia 2 years ago, she finds Joyce as someone she could rely on & because of their friendship - it makes it so much easier to call Singapore home. Both mothers are working on their passion projects, they laugh, cry & muse over life like a good neighbour does (thats how they met!). This pair is what we called #FriendshipGoals !

"We are mums, our bodies are not perfect but we strive to show the beauty that is within us everyday in one way or another" 


Hi Jennifer, Tell us what is the activities that you enjoy doing most with your family in Singapore & why? 

We like riding bikes, watching movies, swimming, exploring through jungle hikes and playing board games. We like to try and create new experiences, riding & hiking allows us to be adventurous & explore our nature instinct . The swimming and movies are chances for us to enjoy each other's company. Board games to teach us how to be tolerant of each other!

 What advice would you give to mums-to-be? Is there anything you miss doing before you became a mother?

I miss sleeping and having time to think about me! My advice would be to consolidate what it means to be 'me'. When you become a Mum, you lose a part of your identify... it is still there, but just really hidden and hard to reach when you need it most. Which is when you're exhausted and lost, you really just need to connect with yourself. That is essential.

 What are the challenging aspects of the work that you do and how do you overcome them?

Juggling commitments to family, marriage, children and work. To overcome them you have to accept that you simply can't give everything your 100%. So finding a level of commitment for each one that is agreeable to everyone is the only way.

Jennifer is wearing Bunga bikini top and Bunga leggings.

What is the most fulfilling part of starting your own business / project? 

Talking directly to customers that get the benefit, both emotionally and physically, from owning the products I sell.  

How has starting a business enhanced the way you view other brands? 

It's made me realise how every brand and business owner is on their own journey and through honesty, many people I've met have made me realise that those journeys can be very different although the outcome often looks the same.


Jennifer is wearing Nonya maxi dress and J is wearing Nonya maxi overlay

Tell us about how your friendship started out! 

We are neighbours and our kids go to the same school so we just fell into each other's pockets really! We do yoga together, catch up over lunch and also go dancing when we can! 

Top 3 qualities you admire the most about Joyce?

Honesty, wisdom and ability to laugh at herself  

Tell us where and what you do you think your BFF will be doing 5 years from now?

I know she'll be fulfilling her dreams which are being planned out now.

If you get a chance to go anywhere in the world and do anything together, where & what will they be? 

Probably some kind of experience where we are exposed to something very different to our everyday lives. Like visiting a remote village in the mountains or snorkelling/diving and discovering an underwater world!

What do you think about #Fempowerment? What are the efforts you have done to support women in your life

Being honest about what is happening in my life every day and allowing my friends to empathise with me on my journey and me to them vice versa. Talking about, dealing with and celebrating the times - good, bad or indifferent.

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