Joyce is wearing Nonya Tunic

In the light of National Day this month, we'd like to introduce you to Joyce, like a true blue Singaporean - Joyce is nothing short of what embodies a K.BLU Woman - A creative, model, actress, loving mother and most importantly, one that understands how to be supportive to women in her life. She shares that one never stops learning & empowering each other in order to be better. 

Tell us what is the activities that you enjoy doing most with your family & why? 

Going on holidays together, exploring new places, going out for meals and to meet friends or do fun activities, reading, Swimming in the pool, watching movies, hanging out at home. Mostly we like being together. 

What advice would you give to mum-to-be? Is there anything you miss doing before you became a mother?

Resolve your own personal issues, choose love above all else. When dealing with kids, Hugs work better than words. I miss uninterrupted sleep and spontaneous me time/personal freedom and self care. 

 What are the challenging aspects of the work that you do and how do you overcome them?

Finding the time to do what is important because something urgent often crops up and takes priority. I try to keep it simple and focused on the goal and keep working towards it. 

What is the most fulfilling part of starting your own business / project?

Being able to express myself creatively and having a voice to speak on what matters.

Hardest life struggle you’ve had so far and how you’ve overcome it?

Each stage of my life, I’ve had different struggles. But all of them are part of my journey as a work-in-progress. Struggling to find out what it means to be myself, was hard but I discovered that is often the best way. When things get bad, that is when I learnt what I was made of, that I could be strong. I surprised myself with the actions that I took to overcome the problems, the perseverance to keep on going through the difficult moments. despite the many tries and many failures, I always try to emerge as my best self. 

Jen is wearing Nonya Maxi and Joyce is wearing Nonya overlay

Tell us about how your friendship started out! 

She moved in next door! 

Tell us Top 3 qualities you admire the most in the other? 

Jen is a good Friend who is always ready to lend a helping hand, cares about the environment and is a beautiful soul.

Tell us where and what you do you think your BFF will be doing 5 years from now?

Hopefully still my neighbour, here in Singapore. Being a sustainable fashion queen. 

Jen and Joyce is wearing Nonya collection

If you get a chance to go anywhere in the world and do anything together, where & what will they be? 

The Skies the limit, the world is our oyster. Seeing the northern lights dance, sleeping in an ice palace, glamping in a wild safari, doing our part to save the environment like picking up beach trash, dancing in Ibiza, being one with the mountains sky sea and forest and a yoga retreat...I think Jen and I are very open to new experiences, so anywhere or anything we do will be an adventure we will both enjoy. I will probably need to discuss this with her to get more specific on where and what.   

What do you think about #Fempowerment? What are the efforts you have done to support women in your life?

I give a gift of myself and my friendship. I listen to other women share their life problems, use my resourcefulness to help them find solutions at times, just hold the space at others when that was needed. I encourage other women to be bold and grow their strengths or skill sets. And when needed, I provide financial support.  I have 2 girls I am trying to raise strong and powerful being who they are by walking the talk myself and loving them for who they are. That is a lifelong effort and where my biggest efforts will lie. 

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