Women We Know #47 - Valerie Foo – K.BLU Swim

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Women We Know #47 - Valerie Foo

Left Shronn in Nonya halter top and Nonya leggings and on the right Valerie is wearing Nonya criss cross set

We got to know Valerie through our first Women We Know BFF  search where she nominated her friendship with Shronn Tay to be chosen as one of our K.BLU Women. They found each other through dragon boating, a water sports originated from China known for the competitiveness, hardcore training and the bonding that comes out from every race. 

How did you get into dragon boating? What attracts you to it?

For me, getting into dragon boating was by chance. It started with me being offered a job in organising Dragon Boat Team-building events, and slowly being exposed to the sport itself. It’s the passion that attracts me. This burning passion from my boss who can never stop talking about the endless possibilities of how we can let more people try the sport, passion from teams I met when organising competitions for them, and the passion from team captains who manages teams of 40 – 60pax.

With Dragon boating as part of your profession, what are the interesting perks of the job?

    Aside from meeting people from all walks of life, the amazing part is sharing with our participants how easy it is to pick up a paddle and Dragon Boat. It’s a wonderful feeling when participants started the day being unsure, and ending the session with the brightest smiles feeling accomplished from the 200m race they’ve just completed.

    Valerie (right) is wearing Bunga rashguard and Nairobi one piece

    Besides dragon boating, what are other sports activities that you enjoy?

      Swimming, because I train with a team now, but I hate running. Swimming is another great cardio option for me.

      As dragon boaters, your lifestyle revolves being active a lot! What are some tips you can give in managing a work life balance.

        REST. Set a time to take a break, have some me time be it to read a book or travel. Always give yourself time to refresh

        Tell us about how your friendship started out! 

          It all started with work, that’s how we met! But we soon realised how we both enjoy time away at the beach. Impromptu sessions to the beach is how it started.

          Tell us the best experience you’ve shared with each other

            New Year’s Day, that text at NYE night was not to wish each other Happy New Year but to set an impromptu beach outing the following day! Tons of fun at our favourite spot to kick start the new year ever since.

            What is one life lesson you’ve learnt that can’t be taught in school?

              Go out and see the world. Experiences will teach you what can't be learnt in school

              Tell us Top 3 qualities you admire the most in the other? 

              - Her free-spirited character
              - Courage to go for what she wants
              - Able to see humour in life


              Valerie (left) is wearing Bunga rashguard and Nairobi one piece


              Tell us where and what you do you think your BFF will be doing 5 years from now?

                Still Dragon Boating! I’m kidding. She would probably be married and I’ll be dragging her away from her hubby to hit the beach with me. Haha!

                If you get a chance to go anywhere in the world and do anything together, where & what will they be? 


                  What do you think about #Fempowerment? What are the efforts you have done to support women in your life? 

                    I steer for the Pink Paddlers from Breast Cancer Foundation. Most of the paddlers are survivors themselves, who’ve shown me how strong women can be especially after defeating cancer.

                    I’ve supported them through training and preparing them for races, encouraging new comers that they too, can become amazing paddlers.

                    Special Thanks to SO Sofitel Hotel & Bar 1927 for the beautiful space & cocktails. Bar Opens til 2 AM on weekends! 

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